About Me

Hi I’m NedMakesGames :wave:,

I am a graphics engineer at GOLF+, where I help bring golf into your home through VR! GOLF+ is currently available on the Meta Quest and Rift Stores. I focus on creating the most visually impressive courses that run wonderfully on all hardware. Optimizing the project so the entire team can work faster is my speciality!

I make games, but also game development tutorials! I publish videos on my YouTube channel and articles on my Medium page about a variety of topics, especially shaders and graphics programming. Any developer could get something from them, but I put emphasis on covering the Unity game engine and it’s Universal Rendering Pipeline for smaller, indie teams. I maintain a searchable list of tutorials in my Tutorials & Posts page!

My viewers help support my channel through my Patreon page! There, they can view tutorials early, download project files and tutorial PDFs, and vote on topic polls. Thank you for your support!

I have over 15 years of game development experience, much of that with Unity! Additionally, I have developed with XNA and Unreal. In terms of programming languages, I am “fluent” in C#, HLSL, CG, Java, Lua, and Ruby, and have worked with C++. I have extensive experience with visual programming, such as Unity’s Shader Graph and Unreal’s Blueprints. I know my way around RenderDoc, DaVinci Resolve, Blender, Substance Designer, Inkscape, Aseprite, OBS, and Audacity.

I’m a proficent game jammer! I’ve made over 25 short games, usually over the period of a month. Check them out on my Projects page.

I live in the USA with my dog and three cats. Yes, you read that right! When I have free time, I enjoy playing games, DMing table top RPGs, worldbuilding, weight lifting, learning golf, and making low-spec art.

Thanks again for visiting!