🌿 Grass

Grass is one of those things most games need, but is actually pretty difficult to get right! I’ve covered several styles of grass, and more are coming.

I am still updating my grass renderers! At the moment, none of them can cover Unity terrain, and only billboard grass supports interactive trample effects.

Billboard Mesh Grass


This grass uses flat meshes, called billboards or cross-meshes, with a transparent grass texture. It uses the shader graph to add wind and trample animations. The most difficult aspect of this system is placing grass meshes in a natural way, which I try to solve using a special script.

I recommend this grass if you are building your game for a lightweight platform.

Blade Grass


Blade grass uses a mesh of grass blades generated over a shape. This style of grass looks and acts the most like real grass, but is the most advanced.

Layer Grass


Layer grass uses a mesh made of several parallel layers and cuts grass shapes out of it with two noise textures. It’s more stylized than the other two grass techniques, but is very easily customized.

Procedural Materials


This implementation uses a procedural material made in the shader graph. It’s very easy to set up, and gives a pretty, stylized look.